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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Itinerary: Day 2

We departed from Teba house to Barong and Keris Dance at Batubulan Village at 9am. The performance started at 9.30am and finish at 10.30am. It was a famous performance in Bali. The Barong performance which represent and eternal fight between good and evil spirit. Balinese people believed that Barong is symbol of protector. It cost about 80,000 rupiah/person.
Barong Dance at Batubulan Village

We went to Museum of Bali and art centre in Denpasar after the performance. We ate the pork sate which just sold outside of the museum before we enter the museum. It was taste good and cheap too. It just cost 10000rupiah for the dish. Never see the stall display on the road side like this in Malaysia. The ticket entrance fee in museum cost 5000rupiah/person. You need to pay extra 1000rupiah to take photos in the museum. There were someone approach us after we pay the entrance fee. He was just friendly guide us around and tell us the culture in the Bali. We not aware we need to pay him until the tour almost finish. Remember the tour guide is not free!!
                              Museum                                                           Sate stall outside of the museum 

Pork Sate with rice

We stop a short while in Kuta Beach as it was very jam. A lot of branded shop in the Kuta area. Many foreigners surf at Kuta beach. We have lunch at Malioboro Ayam Tulang Lunak at Kuta. It just taste so so.
We went to Nusa Dua beach after the lunch. I like Nusa Dua area as not too crowded and jam there.
                           Kuta Beach                                                                            Nusa Dua Beach

Then we went to Uluwatu and watch fire dance performance. Uluwatu temple is one of the oldest temple in Bali. The temple is stand on the coral hill stick out in to the sea about 80 meters on the sea level. You need to watch out the monkey there as the monkey was train to grab spectacle, begs, caps etc. You need to pay money to get back your staff.


We went to Kecak Dance/fire dance performance on the eatern side of Uluwatu Temple. The performance started at 6pm before sunset. It cost 6000rupiah/person. The Kecak dance is very simple. The men's chorus chants the words Cak ke-cak ke-cak ke-cak ke-cak ke-cak, in rhythm, over and over again, For this reason they are called the Kecak or Cak dance. The Kecak dances consist of about fifty men wearing only a loin-cloth, the upper part of their bodies left bare. They form rows of circles, in the middle of which is a coconut oil lamp. The Kecak dance is performed for dance-dramas and the story presented is take from the Ramayana epic. It cost about 70,000 rupiahs/person.

Kecak Dance
We went to Jimbaran beach to have dinner after the performance. It was romantic place to have dinner. I like the Grill prawn and fish there. It tastes good. Try out yourselves.

                   Grill prawn                                                                           Grill fish


  1. Wanted to go to Bali, but ended up in Bandung and did lots of shopping instead!

  2. I never go to Bandung before. Should be a lot of fun. I never regret go to Bali. Can consider plan for your next trip. :p

  3. So interesting with full of art values.
    I like Bali in whatever forms.
    Thanks to knowing me.

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  6. Barong dance and Kecak dance was smth sound nice to go for. I ever heard about the Kecak dance, best seen when it was almost sunset. Hopefully got someday can be there to feel the atmosphere too~
    Thx for ur sharing ^^

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