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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bebek Bengil dirty duck diner

We went to Bebek Bengil Dirty duck diner for the photo shooting on the third day morning as we miss the view in the first day night dinner. You could see the rice field view and the beautiful garden better. Between, Bebek Bengil Dirty duck diner able to reach in walking distance from Teba house. The restaurant was closed in the morning. You could see a few workers are cleaning, sweeping the floor and tidied up when you went in the morning. We just ask the permission from the workers before we enter for the photo shooting. They are very friendly and nice too.

Beautiful rice field and garden in the Bebek Bengil Dirty Duck Diner


  1. hey this is the lovely one when i visit balli, bebek bengil durty the thing that make me want back to bali, i love bali and bebek bengil
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